In the news…

This month I was featured on The Organized Therapist group, defining some triggering terms for people regarding systemic racism and other forms of social oppression. It’s time we think about this differently.

I was on Allison Puryear’s Abundant Practice Podcast at the end of June to talk about my new training for mental health professionals on racial & cultural competence in the therapy room:

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by the SPARC Foundation to talk about mental wellness, COVID, its impact on different populations including BIPOC, racial trauma, telehealth and working from home, Mother’s Day, mom-guilt, reading for fun, Netflix-binging, and my efforts to provide support –emotional, financial, and educational. That’s a lot!

Why am I always on the radio? Here I am on the Dreamers and Doers March 2 show, talking about strong women, my job, race in psychotherapy, shaming people into self-care, tattoos, acupuncture, happy dancing, and a number of other topics.

Back on the radio (oh-oh-oh-oh!)

This time on the Living Well February 3 show, where I talk about why I became a psychologist, how I’m building my private practice, yes, race in psychotherapy, and planning our upcoming, very unique, all-local conference for Asheville therapists –GROW.

Got a chance to present TALKyoga© to my colleagues at the AACPA!

Did you catch my interview on NPR? If not, you can read or listen to it here:

Lack Of Therapists Of Color Creates Barriers To Mental Health Access

And coming up soon…

September 9– Once again asked to present on TALKyoga©! This time at The Western Carolina Psychotherapy Association.

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