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I’m really glad I volunteered to be on the board for GROW AVL because it is going to be, like Asheville, very unique and homegrown. What other conference offers days of quality and cutting-edge presentations by local experts in all kids of topics and techniques, loads of CEUs, the opportunity to commune with colleagues over good food and drink, and to contemplate the nature of our profession, and think about how to better reach and serve anyone/everyone, a music and art experience that is *about* mental health, a host of self-care activities, a special room to go introvert, new professional headshots, clinical resources, referral sources, the chance to meet friends, mentors and supervisors, and the privilege of taking part in elevating our city’s network of mental health services and our entire community of therapists? I cannot believe we are about to pull this off.


I get to present on TALKyoga©!


I also get a chance to present with my frolleague (my friend and colleague) Elizabeth McCorvey on how to dismantle White Supremacy from the comfort and safety of your therapy couch.

Why am I always on the radio? Here I am on the Dreamers and Doers March 2 show, talking about strong women, my job, race in psychotherapy, shaming people into self-care, tattoos, acupuncture, happy dancing, and a number of other topics.

Back on the radio (oh-oh-oh-oh!)

This time on the Living Well February 3 show, where I talk about why I became a psychologist, how I’m building my private practice, yes, race in psychotherapy, and planning our upcoming, very unique, all-local conference for Asheville therapists –GROW.

Got a chance to present TALKyoga© to my colleagues at the AACPA!

Did you catch my interview on NPR? If not, you can read or listen to it here:

Lack Of Therapists Of Color Creates Barriers To Mental Health Access

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September 9– Once again asked to present on TALKyoga©! This time at The Western Carolina Psychotherapy Association.

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