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We all need support now more than ever, as we endure the double pandemic of Covid-19 and systemic racism. Luckily, we have technology that enables us to meet online for our therapy sessions, and video chat (a.k.a. telehealth or telemedicine) is just as effective as in-person services. I’m available to help you manage during this difficult period, whether you are an established client or a new one.

Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) and other made-marginalized individuals are among the hardest hit by both the virus and violent racism. Please let me know how I can help you or your family in this time of loss, grief and fear.

Parents and families of all races, I know you are struggling with how to talk to your child about what’s going on, managing their anxiety and yours, as you adjust and juggle the new normal of remote learning while perhaps also trying to work, at home or outside the house. You’re not alone.

Those of us who struggle with trauma and anxiety, these are nerve-racking times rife with triggers and tension, and the temptation to use substances as self-medication. Your nervous system is overloaded, and both your mind and body need care.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for help, for questions, and for resources on how to get through this time of crisis in as healthy a way as possible. And take good care.

~Dr. A

hello@drmichellealvarez.com|828-82-PSYCH (828-827-7924)

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Why did you come to Asheville? I’m assuming you’re not originally from here, because native Ashevillians are like unicorns; I’ve only met a handful since I moved here. Why did you move here? What were you looking for? Most people I meet have a similar story –they were passing through when something about this city called to them. They felt drawn to this place. I’ve heard our town described as “special” and even “magical.” Several people have referred to “the vortex.” If you’re here, you likely have a unique perspective on life, you possess values and beliefs that drive you to be a better –and happier– person. You prioritize healthy living, self-evolution, spiritual fulfillment, kindness, social consciousness, authenticity and striving to create the life you’ve always envisioned and wished for. But that last part hasn’t quite happened yet. In trying to find that happiness, you may have tried a new job, a new home, a gym membership, antidepressants, group yoga classes, retreats and prayer, a second honeymoon, retail therapy, self-medication… Maybe you’ve tried psychotherapy before. And some of those things have helped, but not enough. They were band-aids. Or maybe nothing has worked, and things have even gotten worse. Either way, you feel dissatisfied, unfulfilled, lost, helpless. Despite your best efforts, you are not happy with your life. And you are not having the Asheville experience you’d envisioned. We can still make that happen. We can course-correct.


If you live in Asheville, you’re probably into yoga, so I don’t need to tell you about the immense beneficial effects yoga and meditation can have on your mental, spiritual, and physical wellbeing. If you’re here reading this, you’re also aware of what psychotherapy can do to improve your mental and emotional health, and your life in general. Imagine the effects of combining these two practices. I did. Having a firm belief in the power of both therapy and yoga, I developed TALKyoga©, a unique integration of traditional talk therapy with yoga and mindfulness practices. I tailor this technique specifically for you and your individual circumstances and goals. I feel extremely confident in what TALKyoga© has to offer, and in its potential to help you attain santosha — a higher level of satisfaction and contentment with your life.

This is your one and only life*. Make it a good one.

*Well, maybe. Because reincarnation.



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Dr. Michelle Álvarez

“The Asheville Therapist”

I wasn’t born in Asheville, but I got here as soon as I could.

I’m originally from Puerto Rico, and I spent most of my adult life living in New York City. But after visiting Asheville, I too was lured into moving here –and I’ve never looked back. It is a great place to live, among like-minded people, and it’s been a perfect place to build a practice that allows me to integrate all the things that I know can be transformative for a person –psychology, yoga, meditation, art, play… A practice that doesn’t dismiss or disregard the things you value, but rather incorporates and complements everything that you deem important for your physical, spiritual and mental health –your acupuncture, yoga and meditation practices, chakra work, ayurveda, hiking, ritual, and whatever else you’re into.

More of my story…

After more than 16 years of experience working as a psychologist, mostly in hospitals and health centers, but also in a woman’s prison and in the VA, I finally feel free to be able to offer a holistic method for healing that addresses all facets of your wellbeing and provides you with everything that matters to you. An approach that works with your beliefs, your interests and your practices: TALKyoga©.


Almost as good as goat yoga!

TALKyoga works even better when we combine it with The Mandala of Happiness, a.k.a. The Mandala of Santosha©. It’s a clinical tool that I developed that will reveal to you exactly what’s keeping you unhappy, and will show us what we need to do to change that. If we decide to work together, it will even help show us the progress that we’re making in therapy, in a very concrete, visual way.


Want to know what’s keeping you unhappy? Ask The Mandala of Happiness.


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